Otros apicultores de celdillas pequeñas


The left is Erik Österlund, Wayne Peters, then Ed Lusby, the founder of our system, and Hans-Otto Johnson, Norway, with 600 small cell hives.

Erik:He's a rancher (cowboy) who's name is Wayne Peters. He took us to the cliff in the mountains behind us (southern Arizona supposedly Africanized) where a feral colony had been living for 20 years. We investigated it and took comb samples, just a veil and a smoker, easy bees, no killers. We managed to take some comb at the outer edge of the broodnest, about 5.0. So most probably at the inner core of the broodnest absolutely smaller than that. The rest was inside the cliff impossible to reach unfortunately. Wayne Peters is no beekeeper.


SC beekeeper

The second is Michael Palmer from Northern Vermont,  third Michael Bush, then Dean Stiglitz, Dee Lusby,
Erik Österlund, Ramona Herboldsheimer and Sam Comfort.


Dee and Ed Lusby

Ed and Dee Lusby, Arizona


Erik Österlund, Sweden


 Thore Härnkloo Sweden


Hans-Otto Johnsen Norway


Olle Ohlsson Finland


Stephan, La Palma, Bernardo, La Palma
Bernardo lives nearby and struggled all the time with me, all the 10 years
- without his help I wouldn't have achieved it

Adriano, Italy, Iris and Stephan